Auger compactor, vertical or horizontal baler for distribution centers 

October 18, 2019

Waste management in distribution centers is a complex and multi-level process that requires the development of an appropriate strategy, procedures and, above all, professional equipment. Vertical,  horizontal balers and auger compactor in distribution centers prove to be invaluable help, comprehensively streamline logistics processes and optimize costs associated with waste management.

Waste: What are the challenges facing distribution centers?

Distribution centers are facing many logistic and process problems in waste management. First of all, they generate considerable numerous and various types of waste - mainly plastic and cardboard - every day. Bulky waste are also a common problem.

However, this is not all. A fairly common problem is, among others inefficient usage of work time of employee. This situation occurs when the container is outside the building and every day employees waste several minutes a day to go outside with the waste. What's more, when employees leave the hall frequently, it cools down by several degrees, which is a particularly troublesome problem in winter and contributes to the increase in heating costs. It can also have a bad effect on employee absence.

It happens that some employees and managers of distribution centers are accustomed to the current state (e.g. daily use of containers located outside the building), which means that they don't notice areas that can be effectively optimized and elements of waste management processes that can be simplified. Then the analysis and evaluation of someone "from outside" could be invaluable. Such a person can show new perspective on waste management and suggest how to solve the company's problems - for example by investing in auger compactors or balers.

How balers and auger compactors can improve waste management in distribution centers?

Professional waste compacting machines can facilitate and speed up logistics processes related to waste management. Regardless of whether we are dealing with a auger compactor, a vertical baler or a horozontal baler, these devices significantly reduce the space occupied by waste, reducing its volume many times. At the same time, they positively affect the organization and cleanliness of the work space - and also - the comfort of employees.

Balers and auger compactors for distribution centers can allow companies to increase their profits by reducing the cost of disposing of used packaging. The machines also reduce the time spent on waste utilization by employees who can accomplish other tasks at the time. By using intuitive, easy-to-use and efficient machiness for waste, it is possible to reduce downtime at work and ensure optimal workflow. What's more, companies using these devices can diversify their revenues by selling recyclable materials in the form of ready-to-collect bales.

Both the small vertical baler and the more automatic auger compactor guarantee the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO), which makes the operation of the equipment as cheap and very cost-effective as possible. Each device can be equipped with a BRA-IN - machines monitoring system, which allows, among others, easy budgeting of its operating costs. The machine in the hall will also help reduce internal transport of waste with forklifts.

A vertical, horizontal baler, or maybe a auger compactors?

Choosing the right device for distribution centers is not the simplest one. The vertical baler is an ideal for compacting smaller amounts of waste, which may turn out to be a great solution for smaller halls and warehouses. However, for large distribution centers, larger and more efficient horizontal balers can work well, which can streamline more complex and demanding logistics processes.

Horizontal balers enable smooth operation thanks to continuous waste loading. These machines are characterized by a wide opening, adjustable bale length and low noise. It is worth adding that these are automated devices.

The largest machine for the disposal of significant amounts of waste is the auger compactor. This device is the size of a large container and can guarantee the highest efficiency and the rate of crushing and compacting waste, providing huge savings in time and resources spent on waste management. The device ensures a high compression ratio thanks to the separate press and container installation.

Check how the vertical baler works

Check how the auger compactor works

Check how the horizontal baler works


How to find the best solution tailored to the needs of your business?

To properly select a baler or auger compactor for distribution centers, it is necessary to verify several key factors justifying the selection of the machine. These include:

  • done The amount, type and size of generated waste
  • done Logistics and interior spatial conditions
  • done The amount of space allocated for operating the device

Choosing a waste compacting machine is not easy. That is why we encourage you to contact our salesperson. We will carry out a thorough audit of your company's needs, and our specialists will propose the best solution tailored to the needs of your business. Contact us by filling out the contact form.

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