Bulky waste, cardboard boxes are piling up in your company? It's time to take care of them!

January 2, 2020

Do your employees waste time on the disposal of bulky waste? Large-size boxes take up the space you need in your warehouse or production hall? Invest in a baler with a wide opening!

Belownica X40W

Bulky waste requires appropriate solutions

Employees dealing with waste in a company quite often have to deal with the disposal of bulky waste - especially large cardboard boxes. The process of compressing them is preceded by many additional activities which, contrary to appearances, take a lot of time. These include cutting and folding cardboard boxes so that they fit into the baler's feed opening.

This is an everyday situation for many companies operating in the automotive, furniture, construction, logistics, commercial and industrial sectors.

Can this be remedied? Of course! For bulky waste, use a baler with a wide filling opening.

You dispose of bulky waste? Install balers with wide filling opening

There are a lot of models dedicated to large-sized waste. These devices will guarantee easy filling up with single large waste as well as a large amount of smaller ones. Thanks to this you will not only gain the possibility of efficient compacting of bulky waste, but also improve the efficiency of the process of disposal of non-standard waste dimensions.

The filling opening of this type of machines have unusual dimensions in relation to Euro-pallets. The largest baler - the B30 Wide is equipped with a 1525 x 560 mm filling opening and can easily compact a 65 inch widescreen TV box without folding.

These balers have at least twice the size of a regular bale chamber and produce 2.5 times bigger bale size than other machines. Regardless of the type and size of the materials being compacted, balers are equipped with an automatic bale ejection function.

Baler B5 Wide

Baler B5 Wide

  • stop small amounts of waste
  • stop tape rollers placed on the front - the baler can be install close to the wall
  • stop high capacity - high performance

Feed opening: 1000x500 mm Full technical specification

Baler B30 Wide

Baler B30 Wide

  • stop compacts large amounts of waste
  • stop wide chamber >1.5 m
  • stop produces large cardboard bales weighing at least 400 kg

Feed opening: 1525x560 mm Full technical specification

Baler X40 Wide

Baler X40 Wide

  • stop large amounts of waste
  • stop compacts also other waste: PET bottles, cans, hard plastics
  • stop quiet operation - noise level similar than printer

Feed opening: 1415x520 mm Full technical specification

Balers (not only) for bulky cardboard waste

X40 Wide - Bramidan's newest baler, with a wide opening, is also suitable for other waste besides cardboard and foil, such as PET bottles, aluminium and steel cans, hard plastics or EPS.

Balers for bulky waste: pay attention to the doors

Our balers can be equipped with both standard doors that are suitable for large-area facilities and vertical semi-automatic or manual doors.

The semi-automatic door - SD (Semi-Automatic Door) guarantees high efficiency, speed and convenience of use. The door opens automatically, which makes filling the baler much easier. They remain open at all times, so that the operator can add waste to the chamber at any time.

The Vertical Door (VD) is opened and closed manually in a vertical orientation. The SD door, on the other hand, only needs to be closed manually after loading and is opened automatically.

We have written more about the types of baler doors in this article: The door for the balers – does their kind really matter?

Baler B5 Wide VD

Baler B5 Wide VD

Baler B30 Wide SD

Baler B30 Wide SD

Do you have a problem with bulky waste? Find a baler customized to your business

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